Prof. Rob McWilliams

"Thank you so much Rob for sharing your PD session which I attended. I think you do incredible work and love attending. I look forward to the next PD!"

(Music teacher participant in PD Workshop - Tasmania, 2020)


"You recently did a clinic down here for TASME, thanks.  I have had a couple of teachers in that attended it, and loved it – again. One teacher said to me that she picked up a couple of things to do with engaging kids, she implemented them at school, and instantly has seen amazing results in gaining the kids attention, and them being attentive to their own playing and the music going on around them – she’s stoked, well done again, and thanks"

(Music dealer in Tasmania - Professional Development workshop, 2020)


"Excellent. Thank you. I really enjoyed this workshop and found it very relevant to my needs.  Very informative and down to earth, useful information and a humble presenter.  Very clear presentation full of practical tips for better conducting technique.

(Participant in PD Workshop - Darwin, 2019)


"Thank you so much for coming and working with our groups.  Your manner is outstanding and staff and students learned so much and had a great time.  Thank you for sending me such detailed feedback. It is difficult to get feedback about our conducting from music ducation specialists and there aren’t many in New Zealand at all so having you share your experience and expertise is treasured"

(Ensemble director in New Zealand school, 2018)


"I was astounded to hear the Symphonic Wind Band under your conducting last Saturday afternoon. It was such a brilliant performance by all. Your selections for the program were wondrous. Please let me know when you will be in Melbourne next. Best wishes and many many thanks to all, A revelation!!!"

(Unsolicited email from audience member, MYO Summer Camp performance, January 2017)


"This year, our guest clinician was the amazing and inspirational conductor, composer, arranger, adjudicator and music educator, Professor Rob McWilliams...Prof. McWilliams skilfully guided thirty-three participants of all levels of ability and conducting experience to become more effective musical directors."

"Over the course of the six days of workshops, Prof. McWilliams shared a great many of his personal experiences, anecdotes, expert tips, techniques, approaches and solutions to help overcome some of the challenges that musical directors face with ensembles."

(Participant, ABODA Western Australia "Swing Into Summer" event, December 2016)


"I have been meaning to email you for a while now to thank you for the amazing experience at conducting camp in April....I’m not an overly outgoing person so it was really great to get such valuable feedback in a relatively relaxed environment."

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for you work with us at the ABODAQ conducting camp. As a podium participant I gained so much out of it! "

"I was very fortunate to be one of twelve podium participants at a recent Conducting camp run by ABODA  featuring Dr Rob McWilliams as the conducting clinician. The lecture sessions that Rob presented such as Repertoire selection, Ensemble Intonation, Recruiting etc. were very valuable for me to take back to my school music program as well as the conducting technique from the 3 days of podium conducting time. Not only did I personally gain a lot from the conducting camp but I also gained knowledge that I can share with other Instrumental Music Teachers in my regional area of Cairns.

(Unsolicited emails from participants, ABODA QLD Conducting School, 2016)


"We had a great afternoon on Wednesday with Rob, looking at our resources and set up, and we also had a very successful meeting with the leadership team.  They were very grateful of Rob's suggestions and think he is an outstanding music mentor for me - I am also so grateful for all the advice Rob has given me and I feel like I now have a plan that I can follow through, which will lead to successful outcomes."

(2016 Email to Yamaha Music Australia from an instrumental music teacher charged with setting up brand new program in 2017)